Rhino to Illustrator Export not Keeping Dimensions

Tried saving instead of exporting. Tried exporting with origin and selected. Tried updating text in illustrator and not updating. Nothings seems to help. Funny thing is that a few dimensions do appear, and they have exact same format as the rest.

Hello - I’m not sure I follow - are you saying that some but not all dimensions are visible in AI if exported from Rhino? Can you post or send us via rhino3d.com/upload an example Rhino file (Small) and the resulting ai file?



Exactly that. Plan.3dm (206.7 KB)

Seems AI file extension isnt supported for the forum, I uploaded the pdf, also the png from my original post are a screenshot form the illustrator view.

Plan.pdf (70.7 KB)

Yeah, I see… I don’t have a good answer for you yet. If I change all the dims to Default style, then some of them come in and some do not; if I don’t change them, then none of them comes in…