AI export morphs lines - bug?

draft.3dm (195.7 KB):

Saved to AI as (982 Bytes): (ziped, as one cannot upload .ai files here - a forum bug)

Settings used for saving to AI:

Settings used for loading AI:

Version: 5 SR11 64-bit (5.11.50226.17195, 2/26/2015) Commercial

Looks like this is because your ellipse-like objects are degree 5. Seems Rhino’s AI exporter doesn’t handle that correctly. I changed them to degree 3 and it exported/imported OK.

Also looks like if I run ConvertToBeziers before exporting, the result is also incorrect. @pascal - something to look at.


I found that when I explode the curve, then it exports without morphing, but I want it joined.

So far this all looks correct here… I wonder what am I missing in the process?


Hmm, if I export as .ai from V5, and either open it in Illustrator or re-import it into Rhino, I see what fecklee sees… (imported object moved down for illustration)

Well, now I’ve managed to get both clean and unclean versions - now I need to figure out what I am doing differently… it may be the scaling.


Any chance that this issue finally gets fixed for version 5?

I still get this issue all over the place. Not being able to properly export to AI is a serious limitation.

I usually print into PDF and inport the PDF. It keeps line thickness and other stuff as let me create multi-detail compositions…but it’s true that you lose all layers in the process (depending how you setup the PDF printer).

As with PDF export, when printing to PDF I get disconnected lines and ugly kinks:

How do I get my drawings exported? Save to bitmap and trace? :frowning:

What PDF printer are you using and which configuration did you set up?

Foxit Reader PDF Printer, in default configuration. I get the same results when using Rhino’s PDF export functionality.

I use usually Adobe PDF printer…so perhaps it could be the problem. I’ve never used Foxit.

As the issue also occurs with Rhino’s native PDF export, I don’t think it’s an issue with the PDF printer driver, which otherwise works perfectly fine.

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Could you share that file? I could have a look at it and try to print/export something decent out of it.

I’ve noticed illustrator mangles geometry that is dimensionally very small at import. So for example, circles that are 0.5mm in diameter import as not perfect circles, but more as meatball shapes. If I scale my geometry up before export (like 10X or 100X) and then I scaled back down in illustrator after import everything looks good. Maybe this is an illustrator file tolerance issue? Because I think I recall seeing same problem using .dxf but I’m not sure, when I try so many things I guess confused on what worked and what didn’t.

I’m not using that. The bad geometry is in the AI file exported from Rhino.

A workaround, though tedious, is applying ConvertToBeziers, layer by layer, before exporting to AI.