Exporting Text to Illustrator

Rhino can save text to Illustrator format, can’t it? I think I’m going mad here. No text is showing up in the files when I re-import them.

Hi Matt - works OK here - scale might be a problem, either too large or too small to see in AI, and, possibly, off the art board in space. Are you exporting ‘snapshot of current view’ or maintaining the Rhino scale?


Maintaining Rhino scale at 1:1. It’s a 2D drawing that’s large, but not huge - 2970 x 2100mm. I’ve saved out to .ai larger than that before now, without issue. The .ai re-imports fine, but is missing all text and some polylines that have been set to ‘No print’ line width. I’ll email the file to you.

It might be that your text in Rhino is not assigned a specific font. It happened to me. I generated the text from grasshopper, and I didn’t check the font before exporting it to Illustrator, and the text was not showing up, or it was too big. I assigned text in Rhino a style and then it can be exported successfully.