Rhino to IES export query (IFC?)

Hi all,
This is my first post here so be nice!
I am very new to Rhino and Grasshopper. I have started using them as i have been tasked with finding a solution to a problem in my company (AEC industry) and I’ve heard on the grapevine that Rhino/Grasshopper can solve it, so here i am.

So, i work mainly within Autodesk Revit and use Dynamo to an Intermediate/Advanced level. There is a piece of software used in my industry to run all kinds of energy analysis on building designs, the software is IESVE (https://www.iesve.com/software/virtual-environment). Essentially you create a model (walls/windows/floors etc.) and input values/settings to calculate energy performance.

Currently, these models are created separately and alongside the Architectural/Structura/Building Services 3D model, rather than just using the already created 3D Revit model.
There is currently a process of exporting a Revit model directly into the IESVE software but the engineers despise it and always spend more time fixing it and recreating areas so they prefer to just model it from scratch.

I am looking at a workflow to export the model from Revit > Import to Rhino > Correct the geometry etc. using Grasshopper > Export to IFC to be imported into IESVE.
Firstly, is anyone aware of this issue and has worked on something similar? If so, i would love to pick your brain!
Secondly, I would like some advice on exporting my models to .IFC (Or possibly .gbXML if that is possible?) from Rhino. I have read of two ways using plug-ins - “Geometry Gym” and “VisualARQ”.
Are these the best option for this or does anyone have any other recommendations?

I appreciate any advice or tips anyone can provide

Regards, Ali

Hi Alisder,

Check this topic: Get Wall/Room/Floor/Roof curves
RhinoInsideRevit free plugin can directly extract room volumes from Revit into Rhino.
After manually fixing of those volumes in Rhino (it is quite common to have to build the energy model of the building from scratch, or by modifying the BIM model. No “single button conversion” exists, at least not for Revit to my knowledge)
you can “send” them back to Revit with the same RhinoInsideRevit plugin thus bypassing the usage of import/export .ifc file to Rhino.

The issue is: this task is not beginner-friendly so to say.
I would advise picking up some basics of Rhino first, and then of Grasshopper.

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@djordje Thanks for the reply. This looks like exactly what im trying to acheive. Ive done a few courses recently so i think i know enough to be ale to press on with this. Thanks! much appreciated. I no doublt will come up with more issues xD

Hi @alisder.brown , have you had any luck in finding the solution to export a Rhino model to IESVE?