Complex 3D buildings model (IFC) for ENVI-MET with GrassHopper

Hello Everyone,

I am in charge of modelling environnement for ENVI-MET (INX. files) with GrassHopper.

I am trying to see if it is possible to integrate complex 3D buildings from IFC files.

To do it, I convert the IFC models in a 3D format with FME and then import the datas in Rhino/GrassHopper.


This is the best I can get.

If someone is used to import complex 3D building in GrassHopper, I’d be glad to share our experiences.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Frank,

At Geometry Gym, we’ve developed over the past 10 years a variety of Rhino commands and Grasshopper components to generate and import IFC files. Our tools convert the geometry definitions directly to appropriate Rhino definitions, and you can filter and manipulate the model.

You’ll find some examples on our technical website, has some gh scripts to directly import IFC and instructions for getting started.

Look forward to helping if you want to test.