Rhino To Archicad

Is there a way to conver rhino objects to archicad as a wall, slab not object. I tried grasshopper but for a large scene it is not reasonable. I have 2d drawing. I need to extrude all lines create wall and define as wall in archicad.

it should work when you export surfaces as volumes, but i believe importing a 3dm file should work either

This methos makes solid model as object in Archicad. I want to import as a wall. You have to define as wall before

i misread autocad sorry. having a quick check on the web i got this, i am afraid there is not much more i can contribute. option nr 2 seems to evade the need of grasshopper maybe useful for you.

but reading through you text again i realise that you have a 2d drawing, are you trying to bring this into archicad?

I tried all of methods but they are not useful. Thanks though!