Rhino thinks file is open, but guess it... it's not

Hey there,

In the never endless rush of architectural practices, I didn’t my data tree structures before combining them (thinking they were the same) which led up to my computer taking an instant nap (shutting down).

But now I cannot open the file because Rhino thinks the file is still opened with my license.
The file is a worksession.
I’ve restarted now 5 times.
The computer referred in the message is the one I’m trying to open the file with.

Anyone got this before? Any tips?
Thanks in advance !


Look for a .rhl file in the same folder as the Rhino file and delete it. By default it’s a hidden file, so you may need to activate “show hidden items” in Windows to see it.

Sorry but there is no rhl as this is a rws file… I’ll keep that in mind if it happens to me with 3dm though, thanks !

But I duplicated the file with another name, opened it, closed it, open the original one, and now it works.
I think the step I did have nothing to do with the fact that it works as I opened other files before.

Maybe the license took some time to notice I was not using the file?

Hi Antoine -

I really don’t know what went on there but FWIW, when you open a *.rws file, the *.3dm file(s) that are referenced will get a *.rhl file created. You’ve removed the file information in that screen shot, but are you sure that that one pointed to a *.rws file?
Also, I take it that these files reside on a server of some kind?

Mmh I was opening a rws file (I always work on rws) but I don’t remember if the error message was pointing to a rws or rhl…

I removed the path because it contains competition informations but yes, it is from a server. Severs always create problems :slight_smile: