Rhino tennis ball

Hey guys,

long time no see. I’m a Rhino oldie and came for an old tool that created a tennis sphere, divided equally to 2 tennis ball parts.

It existed in earlier versions on Rhino, but not on V4 or 5.

If anyone has an old version, or a plugin-script-tool that makes that, please share with no regrets… :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks in advance!

  • Dimitris


Baseball.3dm (211.1 KB)

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Thanks Dale, you saved my day!

Is there any reason you removed this wonderfull tool? :slight_smile:

Hi Dimitris - what do you use this style of sphere for?



Hi Pascal,

there is a request for a large scale tennis ball model, and wanted a good base to start with.

Ah, OK! special purpose then! I’m not sure the seams are quite the same as on a real tennis ball, you might want to verify.



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Yep, it has to be more like an “eight shape” than a “rounded rectangle”.

Thanks to both for the quick response!

Here is a quick tutorial in czech

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The google translation for title of page is pretty funny.

hi mate !
here a simple method to create the tennis ball

tennis ball deki.3dm (831.1 KB)

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thank you so much :smile: