Golf ball heart shaped

Hi everybody!! I have to do an heart shaped golf ball, and I don’t have any idea on how to do !!! If somebody has an idea, thank you for helping!!! oh, I know it’s possible with an uv map and a displace map, but maybe, in full geometry???

You might start here:

and, Dale: my golf ball has to be heart shaped, not a single sphere, but like an heart!!!

Hello - the heart part is easy enough - depending on exactly what you want - file attached. If what you mean is you’d like a heart shape with golf-ball like texture, then this may be a start.

HeartLofts.3dm (1.1 MB)


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thank you of your help! I did the heart with rail revolve, and found your method very interesting, Pascal!.. But the bigbigbig problem is the tiny holes, all around the shape!

Interesting modeling challenge, this really is a topology issue more than anything else. Using paneling tools or grasshopper or even splop or orient on surface we can add geometry to boolean away from the starting geometry. What I’d suggest is to look at what sort of pattern the dimples form eg: staggered array, radial array, ect and then plan how they will fall on the surface. If you are lucky the type of pattern will follow the uv structure of your surface and you can use paneling tools directly or one of the lunchbox for grasshopper plugins to pattern the geometry to subtract. At worst you will have to orient smartie shaped ellipsoids on the surface by hand.

I would first model a normal, round golfball and then use cageedit to morph it into a heart.
That way the dimples deform with the ball.

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Only worry would be stretching the dimples too much

in fact, the dimples are on a very precise set up, on a golf ball… As my assignment is for the french federation of golf, I have to be as close of a real golf ball as possible… Actually, I did the job with a displacement map, on a “revolve” heart , but the uv map has been a pain, and I would prefer much more to use a real geometry… I am sure that re shaping a golf sphere is going to stretch a lot the dimples… I’m not sure at all of a boolean solution, as it is going to be so many booleans operations… huhhhh???

Hi Celmar, the boolean will be a single operation from your perspective, select polysurfaces to subtract all at once…group them or just box select.

I’ll give this a go to try do proof of concept, particular references for the pattern?

Here is a snap of a quick and dirty version that could be done a lot nicer I’ve stuck to naked rhino too. It is a bit processor intensive but hey that’s what coffee breaks are for. It’s also only one way to do it.

Extend the heart surface down and cap it. _Drape over your rail revolved heart with sufficient density to capture the usable area of the heart closely.

Project the border of the heart onto the draped srf and _smash the surface and projected curve.

Squash a sphere to the appropriate aspect of your dimples and array it in a staggered fashion to make up enough pattern to cover your smashed curved completely and delete the excess.

Now flow these along your draped surface with rigid=yes. Bring back your heart polysurface and hide the drape surface.

Boolean the dimples into the polysurf, extract the base to delete it and bob’s your auntie.

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