Rhino surfaces

this is a file that was sent to me as a rhino file. i’m thinking it might of been made from another cad program and then transferred to a rhino file. i’m wondering if anyone here might have an opinion about this. see all the separate surfaces, there are 185 surfaces for this last model. i don’t think it’s possible to build something like this in rhino ?

This can be done in Rhino 7 with SubD tools. The heel however looks a bit weird and there is a triangular face next to it on the left side. Possibly a mix of different workflows.

I would create the topology in a different way. Below is a screenshot of a quad mesh approximated to a last someone posted on this forum last week. I used QuadRemesh on a triangular mesh with a few guide curves and then edited the topology manually to have nice loops / rings. This quad mesh could be even less dense actually.