Can Rhino produce clean topology mesh?

hi, another Rhino newbie here :grinning:

after playing with it for a few days, I’ve got a burning question: after I spend hours making the perfect curve and turn it into a surface, is there a way to make a clean, evenly spaced quad mesh?

I know how retopology can be done elsewhere, just want to know if Rhino has the capability.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


Hi Ding - if the object is a single untrimmed surface, then use the Mesh command > Detailed controls and set the number of grid quads and zero all the other numbers - does that get you anything you like?


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Thanks for the tip! I’ve indeed managed to produce clean quads with your method. However I needed to SplitEdge on the surface for Min. Initial Grid Quad to have an impact on the actual number of quads produced by Mesh command.

I’m practicing with this ring

Do I need to make this ring shape out of untrimmed surfaces exclusively in order to produce clean quads?