Rhino surface problems


I’m having some real trouble trying to delete part of a surface, well it’s almost a curve it doesn’t appear to have a surface (please see images attached for reference). I’ve tried boolean difference, trim, split, nothing seems to delete it. The only thing that does get rid of it is mesh from nerbs object but this is not practical for the rest of my build.

I’ve attached the rhino file for anyone needing

Any help/ advise would be greatly appreciated!!

HELP FILE.3dm (72.8 KB)

Hello - DupEdge on that,

explode the edge curve

and trim each crossing bit with the other

  • then Untrim the surface

and Trim with the two curves that meet at the point.


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Perfect! Worked great! Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Pascal,HELP FILES.3dm (126.5 KB)

Really appreciate the help you’ve given thus far. I’m having a bit of an issue with a revision, the untrim part (fourth step), not sure why it’s not letting me untrim the surface. If you could kindly have a look again would be greatly appreciated. I wasn’t sure if there is a step missing?
Having had a look on youtube tutorials not finding much as how to resolve it as the videos all seem to be with a surface where mine is just a curve.

Untrim works for me. You need to select an edge of the surface to untrim. Trying to select a surface away from an edge does not work with Untrim.

Also Untrim works on surfaces only. Which curve do you want to “untrim”?

Hi David

I see, I was using the tool incorrectly. Thanks very much!