I can't delte this surface, I can't also select it

Hello- please post the file and I’ll take a look. There is a surface with a bad or looped edge that needs to be retrimmed, is what I’d guess.


Is the “selected” surface. I can’t understand what is and how delete it

Hi Loren, I cannot help much if you don’t post the file, or send to tech@mcneel.com so we can have a look.


In the Rhino sense of the term, it is not a surface. It is a portion of an errant render mesh that has leaked out of the surface it is intended to shade, mostly likely because it has a micro-loop somewhere in the boundary curve of a surface.
No, I don’t expect you to understand all of that at this point.

If you post your 3DM file as Pascal has asked, we can figure out the specific problem details and describe it in a way you can understand it and fix it.

Thanks . I loaded the file 3DM. The central part of the machine has been created as a surface to curve network . When I started editing this surface, it has remained original shape .
prova2.3dm (1.97 MB)

Hi Lorenzo - use SelBadObjects and then Delete. Do you know how the surface was made?


I opened your file, checked for bad surfaces and found one. I moved that surface upwards and to the left to remove it from the rest of the geometry. Check for bad surfaces again followed by executing the delete key and it should delete as it did in my trial of your file… good luck and happy holidays, Rob