Rhino/SolidWorks file transfer

I just spoke with a very busy Rhino user that is looking for tips and suggestions for getting Rhino files into SolidWorks and back efficiently.

I’ve nibbled around the edges at this over the years but never was in a situation where I did a lot of it.

There is an old document that covered some basic information here:

I’d like to update the information with more specifics so everyone benefits.


Is there something similar for interchange with Fusion 360?

I saw some “advice from experience” in the following thread that perhaps could make for a start:

If no such article exist, perhaps tips from experienced users could be collected in a new thread.

// Rolf

Hello John,
Maybe you can write in this document that users wanting to go from Rhino to SOLIDWORKS can try this converter which converts .3dm files to .sldprt files.

@Dottedline better keep your eye on this one…

I think that this video made by Phil Cook would help

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I was literally talking about this today. Thanks for the link.