Rhino with Solidworks or Rhino with Inventor/Fusion?

Hi All,

General question. I’m working with an engineering and design team who all use a different software.

I’m looking to keep Rhino as the main tool with advanced usage and implementation of either solidworks or inventor or even fusion. I have had some luck in the past with importing and working with rhino files inside of inventor but not with solidworks. However, I have had great success with importing and working with solidworks files inside of rhino.

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with any of this and what would be the best approach as a team and collaborative work environment that works independently and also passing files back and forth?

All ideas welcome, thank you

Rhino works quite well with SolidWorks models if you use STEP AP214 as the file type to transfer models between both programs.
Sometimes, when you import STEP models in Rhino that were made in SW, you will notice that the joined polysurfaces may have some naked edges. Most of these could be fixed by simply exploding the model and then joining all surfaces together. However, in rare occasions there may be still a one or a few naked edges that will require some manual fix by replacing certain surfaces. It mostly happens on complex fillets made in SW.

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What @Rhino_Bulgaria said above applies equally to a Rhino/F360 work flow.

I have/use both Rhino and F360 in a professional workflow.

I use Rhino for modeling and F360 for fillets and for tool paths/cnc work.