Rhino to SolidWorks converter


Greetings All,

Yes, I know that Rhino opens .sldprt and SolidWorks opens .3dm
Yet the quality of the models always loose some integrity.

Splines import all over the place, and faces need ‘healed’ - among other concerns.

Does anyone have experience with bimdex.com translators?
Is it worth a shot?

have you tried step for instead?
I’ve a very good experiences with it

Similar, but a little different, I use IGES to round trip between the two, always works.

Greetings Folks,

STEP and IGES do work. Depending entirely on one’s definition of work.

Through no fault of Rhino, SW is super hung up on construction planes, constraints, Bezier entities, etc.
And nothing I know of pushes these through a standardized file type.

Also, OnShape works pretty good as a .sldprt translation tool, so it’s not a matter of geometry not making it through filters - that can be done reasonably well.

My intention is to find a ‘best practice’ to make software use a non-issue, knowing the devious practices of the SW developers.

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Another option:


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