Persistent Error Message: Import SKP

Hey Folks,

I am not a regular SKP importer. However, I have had a few submitted in the last few days, both times from design professionals, and both resulted in this error:

I really need to view these files that have come in. I have an eval copy of sketchup on my machine and tried saving to V8 (and practically every other version and permutation on the sketchup options panel) but no luck.

Help would be awesome right about now!!

    • Dave

Hi Dave- can you post or send an example to ? Att’n: Pascal

Thanks, will do!


Just wondering if this was ever solved. I’m getting the same error message. I have a lot of .SKP files to import. They were done with the free version of SketchUp 2015, not by me but someone else. I am trying to import them into Rhino v5.


I realize this was an old thread but surely someone knows the answer?


Can you post one here? If not, email one to technical support so that they can take a look.