Rhino saving bluescreen


I have a very strange issue… I recently needed to do some work in T-Splines, so i downloaded the demeo version of RH5 and T-Splines and worked with it. Ok, but then I uninstalled it again because I use RH6 usually, but since then I gues the message to update my plugins (one of them T-Splines) when I start up RH6. And worse when I attempt to save files or close Rhino, I very often get a bluescreen… I do not understand this behavior, especially because I already uninstalled RH5 and T-Splines…

Would be very happy if someone could help me here.

Greeting from Austria

And I should probably also add, that due to this some files that were opened before the bluescreen couldnt be saved properly and couldnt be opened again because they contained unreadable geometry…

Im not sure if RH5 + T-Splines is cousing this, but thats the only explanation that I can come up with