T spline geometry not saving

Anyone know why when I reopen my rhino file all geometry created as a t spline disappears? All the tools work, I was able to model and save, but re opening the file - all T spline geometry is gone. Ideas?

T Splines only works in Rhino 5. Are you opening in Rhino 5?

Yes I’m in Rhino 5, even in the preview window as the file was re-opening the first time you could see the geometry I created but when the file opened only native rhino geometry and line work remains. Tried making a spline surface, saved closed re opened - same thing, it’s gone.

Do you have the T-Splines plug-in installed?
If not, this is expected behavior, as “t-splines object” is not natively recognized by rhino3d.

Something is wrong… your tspline plugin is not loaded correctly if you cannot open tsm geometry. The only way it would do that is if you did not have tsplines loaded on your machine.

go to tools >options >plugins > tsplines does it say enabled and loaded?

post screen cap please.

fwiw… dump tsplines and start using the subd stuff in wip 7…

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I am working in T-Splines, it is installed and operational was just not saving geometry. The culprit was having linked in files for some reason. As long as there are no external links it works fine. If I try to insert a Live link by reference then all T spline geometry disappears upon reopening.

hmm interesting…