Rhino-Revit BREP material parameter

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sorry if this has been asked before. I have seen many topics regarding DirectShapes, but not so many for BREPs. I´m also truly sorry for the length of the post, but my explanation skills are not perfect.

The way I work today is the proposed RiR BREP workflow shown in your videos, which is a bit harder for complex geometries, but suits me the best. So far all objects from Rhino have material set “By Category” as I don´t want to specify material for tens of individual objects. I use one GH script and one RFT template. Template used for transfer has no material at all, not even default one.

The characteristics of objects and visuals in sections / thicknesses on sheets / rules in filters etc. are later driven by the category / sub-category. In the picture below for example the BREP is at “MyRhinoCategory” subcategory (but can be whatever) of GenericModels category. In the project this sub-category has a material set to some concrete let´s say.

I´m OK with this, but our BIM guy is not. He tells me that this doesnť fit proper BIM workflow and my setup is low.

So - what if I´d like to have some types within this sub-category to have a different material (different concrete class) than the remaining objects?

In the picture below there is the red rectangle in the Revit UI, and with this we can associate the family parameter “Material” to some or all BREPs within this family.

Using this, I can then tell to each of the types to have its own “per-object” material. And vice versa, if I set material of the type back to “By Category”, objects driven by this parameter grab material back from the category / sub-category level.

Is this “red rectangle funcionality” possible to reproduce during RiR session and let BREPs coming from Rhino associate with this material parameter?

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the topic can be closed now.

Took me nearly two weeks of shovelling Revit API, but I eventually figured it out.



Good to hear. We plan on adding more family document specific components eventually.

For Revit API questions we recommend API specific forums for getting a quicker answer.