Assigning Material Parameter to Family Created in Grasshopper

It is great that complex geometries can now be generated in Rhino and brought into Revit.Using Rhino.Inside has opened all kinds of new possibilities for my architecture practice, however there does seem to be one issue I’m stumbling on associated with families created using this workflow. How can I assign individual material parameters to different breps inputted for a single new family. See attached image a clearer depiction of the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mike, Using the Component Family Form you can assign it Visibility properties as well as a Material.

These are assigned as Material (unlike using a direct shape)

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Very helpful. Thank you. Is there any way to assign a generic new parameter (A and B for example) that is not in the file yet? I guess to do that, I would need to know how to create new materials also since it appears all the material information is coming from the Revit file in your example. For my purposes, I am more concerned with simply designating one object as having a different material from another. The specific material designation is less of a concern.

To associate the Famiily material parameter with another (shared parameter for instance) you would need to do so manually. Then the project material could be assigned per instance/type in the project.