Rhino rendering

I am new to rhino rendering. I am rendering a very simple view. But my rendering stopping at 87% and doesn’t continue. I have been waiting for a long time as well as try different ways: close the file open and render again, lower the quality of the rendering. However, it still doesn’t work,
Can anyone help me with this problem? My deadline is coming very close.

Thank you very much!


My guess is that there is something in the area still being calculated that is taking a long time such as multiple layers of glass or refraction. I wonder if the number of light objects might also be a factor. Try reducing that count as well as hiding geometry that has refractive material properties.

Post a version of the file that still hangs and indicate the version of Rhino you are using if you still need help.


Thank you for your help! I managed to fix it. :smiley:

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