Material Not Reflective

I am new with using materials in rhino. I thought I followed settings in a tutorial video, but for some reason my “water” material is not reflecting, even though the material applied is reflective. Any help with which setting is causing this error would be great. I am attempting to upload the file, however the size is for some reason too large even though there is hardly anything in it.

Thank you!

what are your material settings? you are showing environment settings

Looks like you’re using the Rendered viewport mode. That mode does not do inter-object reflections, but Raytraced will, as does Rhino Render in Rhino 7 (same engine as Raytraced).

thank you both! I initially was using the Rhino Render in 7, but was having issues with the amount of noise, so was hoping there was another way to do it. But I’ll keep working with that then.

are you using the intel or nvidia denoisers?

type packagemanager in the command line, then search for nvidia or intel depending on your hardware set up.

you need an nvidia rtx card to get use from the nvidia denoisers. If you don’t have one grab the intel denoisers instead (assuming you are using an intel processor)

if you are all amd, then sadly you get to sit at the table outside .

I have NVIDIA. I’ll check that out, thanks!

its a game changer… takes a 10-15 min render down to a 2 min render.

only note, if you have fine textures like a speckle pattern, you’ll have to wait longer for it to develop as the nvidia will see it as noise and try to smooth it out.

just let the render run longer and it’ll sort it out. For normal stuff you’ll see huge speed gains by denoising.