Recent V7 odd bugs

Just installed the resent V7 (7.8.21168.01002, 2021-06-17) update and I assume I’ve found a couple of strange bugs. The first is the material icon(?) when displayed in the Materials Panel in the Sidebar displays upside down, if you change the colour using a slider it will appear the correct way up as you move the slider, but flip upside-down again when you stop.

Just doing a render at the end of the day, and that’s upside down as well!

Hello - yep, that one is has been fixed - RH-64674 Rendering Cycles: Material thumbnails and Raytraced viewport flipped upside down


When you say fixed, will that be in the next release then? Only appeared for me today with the version mentioned in the original post. It’s not a problem, just an odd one.

Hello- it looks like the fix will be in the next release of 7.8, which would normally be next Tuesday.


It still flips the viewport when rendering with Cycles!

As said, it is already fixed, will be in next SRC of Rhino 7.8

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I @nathanletwory , could we keep a hidden command for flipping view :slight_smile: to make jokes to my collegues… i already use sometimes Seredrawoff… but they know it now… :slight_smile: Thanks

You should be able to do that with GhGL easily. Flip all the viewports in any mode…

Or have them all be in ASCII mode, it’ll look like I posted here:

Not that you should but… DollyZoom generally makes for some good after lunch fun.

Especially if people don’t know how to run 4View twice.


I’ve Just installed update and it’s fixed, almost.

I’ve a black plastic material with a speckle texture for which the icon remains inverted. It appears to need two things set to zero, Transparency in the Sidebar, and in the Select Color (sic) box with HSL sliders, the Lightness.

This was in a file created with the issue which needed each material to be modified before the icon appeared the correct way up. Not yet tried a new file.

Tumble the preview a bit to have it redraw.

I’ve created a new file and I can’t recreate it, so just something odd with that one file.

Nothing odd. It is just that the thumbnail preview render is cached. You can force it to rerender by tumbling the preview: right-click and drag on the preview thumbnail.

Just noticed that if you set the background as graduated in the render settings, the graduation appears upside down in the resulting image. Just to check, I did try one from a new file, with the same result.

Thanks, filed that as

I should have a fix ready very soon. Will be in the next 7.8 SRC.

Thanks for reporting!

RH-64773 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 8 Release Candidate