Rhino Render wont use gpu to render

Hi! I recently bought a laptop whith a 1070 gtx graphycs card. I noticed that when I am rendering something, my cpu is being 100% used while my gpu is being 0% used. Anyone knows how to make my gpu work while rendering? Thank you!

Hi @a.tiernor

The Rhino render is all CPU, so you can’t. If you’re on Rhino 6, the Raytraced display mode is GPU accelerated, and you can use ViewCaptureToFile to capture “larger than screen resolution” images, essentially making it work like an off-line render. I think the idea is for Raytraced (which is based of Blender’s Cycles render) to replace Rhino’s build-in (and slightly out-dated) render from V7 [citation needed :wink: ]

HTH, Jakob

I did not know that. I`ll try that out, thank you!

Correct, slated to happen for v7

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