Nvidia GPU apparently not working

I was rendering a model in Rhino and my computer started heating. I opened the task manager and it indicated 100% of CPU usage and 0% of GPU usage. Is there a way to make the GPU work?

There was another thread about that. Apparently, Some processes, like Cuda, won’t show on Windows’ monitor.

In another thread, someone suggested using GPU-Z to check it. For, me, I also had no evidence on Windows monitor. I check it on this, and my GTX 1080 was pretty busy.

Also, check in Cycles settings in Rhino3D, just to make sure it’s selected.

I am sorry. I know that thread is somewhere, but I am getting tired from the heat, here.

Hi @adrianjuarez10
If you are using the build-in Rhino render the short answer is no - it’s a CPU render, and the GPU is not involved in the process. What you can do, though, is use the Raytraced viewmode, which is a completely different render engine, based on Blender’s Cycles render. Cycles is a GPU enabled render that will eventually (hopefully from V7) replace the current, slightly outdated, Rhino render. @nathanletwory is the brains behind the operation, and he also made a small plugin Called Rhino-render-next that lets you “replace” the current render with Cycles - See this post “Shadow does not show up in render view port when i use a rectangular light” for details. I think the plugin is mentioned about halfway downand it’s installed via the testpackagemanager command.
HTH, Jakob

But for v6 indeed rhino-render-next :slight_smile:


Thanks for answering. I have another question: I also have Flamingo nXt 5.5 and apparently it doesn’t use the GPU either. The task manager shows 0% GPU usage and 100% CPU usage when I render with Flamingo. Is it a CPU renderer too or can I change some configuration so that it uses the GPU?

Flamingo is CPU-only.

Did you try opening the Nvidia control panel an assigning Rhino to using the nvidia card?