Rhino render tools - reflections on water


I am new to Rhino and I do not have a lot of experience. I found this forum and it looks like there are a lot of experienced people on here. Was hoping for some help with an issue. I guess there is an easy fix, but because of my lack of experience I find it hard to figure out.

I found a water-material in a forum online that I downloaded. The material looks good I think!

The problem is that I can`t get the water to reflect the objects…
Was hoping some of you can tell me how I can get the water reflectiion?

I don`t have any other rendering plug-ins or other rendering programmes, was hoping on doing everything in Rhino :slight_smile: Thank you

That looks like Rendered mode. Switch to Raytraced to see inter-object reflections. Rhino Render uses the same engine as Raytraced so once you render you also should see them.

Assuming you’r using Rhino 7 I’d actually use a Physically Based Material. I have posted a couple on this forum that you may want to use, let me find the posts for you.

Addendum: turns out I made already a list in another post: Sea / ocean material, bump and displacement not showing - #2 by nathanletwory, and here a simple scene by myself with oceanic water Raft on Sea :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: As you suggested I changed to raytraced mode, and used the water material in your link: “Deep Water on GP”.

The reflection is good!

But when I use the command “ViewCaptureToFile” and save the image, the reflection disappears…

Do you know what I am doing wrong? Is there another way to save high quality pictures, so that the reflection doesn`t disappear?

I would use just the Render command. It will give the same result as Raytraced without having to go to Raytraced first