Ground plane does not show the reflection of objects


I would like to know why I can´t see the reflections of the objects on the ground plane as shown in the following video, in rendered mode view…

I made exactly the same process, but reflections do not appear.

This is what is shown in the video:

And this is what I get from my file:

Is there any button I have to check for doing so?

I am using Rhino 7.

Thank´s for the help.

Hi Paulo - interreflections are only visible in ratraced viewports. The environment can reflect in Rendered display but to see objects’ reflections, you need to set the viewport to raytraced.


Hi Pascal, thanks for the reply.

Did you watch the video? Because the girl was not using Raytraced view mode, but rendered view mode…and reflections on ground plane were shown.

Hi Paolo - you are correct, GP reflections should work - it is object/object reflections that do not. However, it l;ooks to me like there is a bug in the current builds - a straight ‘paint’ or ‘plastic’ mateiral does not show the reflections, you must change the matterail type to ‘Custom’ to get reflections, at least here.

@Paulo_Pugliesi_Filho - from what I can tell so far, the video must be from some older version of Rhino when these Plastic and Paint materials were not ‘PBR’ materials as they are now.
RH-77203 Rendered display mode GP reflections
Is that right @Vanessa ?
In the current builds, you must change to a ‘Custom’ material.


That´s it, Pascal! Now it worked.

Many thank´s again.


Rhino 6