Rhino Render, Objects Hidden From Camera?

Is it possible in Rhino Render to have objects in the scene be hidden from the camera but still cast shadows? I do this often in Maxwell Render, and would like to also do this for Rhino Render.


No. It is not possible with RhinoRender

I just tried something that should not have worked, but did.
I set up a scene with a box, turned on the GroundPlane, added a light, and then a cylinder object in front of the light but out of viewport camera view.

As expected, the cylinder did not cast a shadow.

Then I Zoomed back far enough that the cylinder was seen by the camera and cast a shadow.
Next I Zoomed back in and even though the cylinder was out of the viewport camera, it still cast a shadow and running a render included the shadow.
It’s kinds of cheesy but this technique might get you where you want to go.

John, thanks, that’s something to think about. At the moment I’m rendering a one day sun study from plan view, so might not work in this instance, but maybe I can do something else.