Render Hidden Objects - Possible to do?

Hello all,

Is it possible to hide an object in the viewport, but still have it render? (in case it’s of any importance, I use Vray 3.0)

I know it’s possible to have enabled lights still render when hidden, but not seeing the opportunity for actual objects.

Interested in both native, and script/plugin-based suggestions…

Thanks as always!

Hi Alan - you can’t do that in plain Rhino - any renderable, visible objects will be rendered and hidden ones not. I don’t know about VRay, but it seems unlikely- the opposite is allowed in some renderers - objects tagged as not renderable, but I’ve never run accross what you are asking for. Which does not mean it is not there, of course…


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the quik response. I’ve found this info, in case anyone out there could use it, which is definitely different than what I’m asking, but may help with part of the problem;

> The only thing you can do with reference to the environment light is to add a box around your room. Then give that box a material that has ‘only in secondary’ checked. This will bounce the light back into the room but won’t be visible to camera.

Pretty interesting idea, and I will be trying this.

UPDATE: The quoted text above is better contextually filed under “Near Clipping Plane” - just an fyi. I don’t think there’s a Camera near/far clipping plane option in either rhino or vray here

There is a Camera near/far clipping plane in V-Ray, but we currently set it to the Rhino near and far clipping plane.

We are considering the best way to allow adjustment of those values from the UI currently.

What is the end goal you are looking to achieve?

If this is for performance reason I would look into using V-Ray Proxies:|+VRayProxy

The proxy mesh displayed in Rhino can be reduced down (or even replaced) to increase performance, while the rendered mesh in V-Ray stays the same high quality.

Thanks for the reply, Matt. Its not for the proxy style feature or lightening the viewport really. Its more about the near/far clipping

Can you offer i fo as to how to control the near/far plane by using the rhino interface then?

Very excited about 3.0 btw!

I should say it’s also about not wanting to have to remember to turn objects/layers back on when I hide them while working.

Like in C4D, there are separate radial buttons for viewport and rendering - you can have something hidden, yet still render. Very nice feature (in case any McNeel people are reading this :wink:)

There is a very simple solution I discovered for heavy architecture scene renderings some years before. You need to mark you invisible object layers with a sign in the name, I used ° . I placed the script at a button.

_-Layer _On “°” _Enter
_-Layer _Off “°” _Enter

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You can make a display mode where you either turn objects to be 100% transparent [ Shading settings > Transparency ] or (might be better) uncheck the [ Shading settings > Shade objects ] option. Also turn off isocurves and edges and that will make your objects invisible in the viewport but they will still render. You can apply this display mode to only the objects you want by using the -SetObjectDisplayMode command.