Rendering shadows without the object being there?

Hi everyone,

So I’m wondering if it’s possible to render a box with a hole for example, with one face taken off, and see the shadows inside the box as if all sides were still on the box? If anyone could give me any advice I’d really appreciate it. Hope this makes sense.

Many thanks in advance,


With V-Ray this is possible, by adding a clipping plane and the make it only affect camera rays.

This is how currently Raytraced/Cycles works in Rhino WIP.

Room lit by sun through circular opening. Wall near orange cube is reflective (with slightest hint of roughness). Green pyramid is behind the clipping plane (i.e. clipped), but still shows in the mirror wall. No lighting happening through the clipped side.


Is this just in the WIP version? I tried it on Rhino 6 and the sun went through the clipping plane side.

Yes, WIP only.

Ok I’ll give it a go on there, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: