Rhino PDF - Lines very thin

Using Rhino 6 most recent update - When I print from Rihno to Plotter, lines look as they should

When using Rhino PDF, lines all look like they’re .18 mm or so.

Is there a setting (other than using the multiply line thickness in the Printer window? I would think I should get the line thickness in PDF that I created in my drawing, right?

Can you send me a sample file? You shouldn’t have to do anything special; the line weights in Rhino PDF “should” match what you get from other printers

So, I’ve updated to 6.6 and this is the pdf I get when printing to RhinoPDF (rhino file also uploaded)

Rhino Print @ 1.0x Line Weights_RH6.6.pdf (1.3 KB)
Lien Weights PDF.3dm (6.1 MB)

@stevebaer Hi, Steve. Were you able to look into this issue?

Hi Alan,
This issue is on my list to examine this week.

Thank you.

I was able to repeat and fix this issue. The fix will be available in the first SR7 release candidate which should be out next week. If you need a build before then, I can get you one of our next daily builds.

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Thanks, @stevebaer. I would def appreciate a fix as soon as possible, so the next daily build would be helpful.


Hi Alan,
This daily build should have my fix in it

Thanks, I’ll give it a go

So, I installed that daily build, and tried a test print. My line at .5mm is decent, but the rest look exactly the same.

Can you post what your PDF of this scenario looks like, since you thought it should be fixed with this build?

Rhino Print @ 1.0x Line Weights_Daily Build 6.7x_062218 9.30am.pdf (32.0 KB)

Hey @stevebaer(and mentioning @pascal for some possible help)

Since updating to that 6.7 build, I’m getting some weird ghosting artifacts in my Blocks. Do I need to go back to the latest 6.6 release? Seems I keep going one step forward - two steps back

Feel free to bump this to a new thread. Did it here since you posted the daily build here.

If you don’t see upon opening, try moving the door (or other) Block. There are 2 little square blocks that look like they’re straight out of Atari. Then go into the Block, and they disappear. Then back out and they’re there again.

ALSO: When I CaptureViewport, they do not show up on the image. So I also included a “Screengrab” that shows them

Screengrab and 3dm attached.

Floaties problem.3dm (3.2 MB)

Yeah, it’s the solid hatches… I’ll get this on the pile, thanks.



Even when I change the hatches to ansi, it still happens.

And now I also get some messed-up Mirroring over the x-axis when I move some things, even though I’m not using the Mirror tool.

Should I go back to 6.6 release from yesterday?

And if so, how do I do that, please?

Hi Alan, the text and hatch display bug should be fixed in the 6.7 release candidate that will be made available tomorrow.

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