Printing to pdf from Rhino 6

Hello, we run a small design agency and have been using Rhino 5 for several years. All our drawings are printed to pdf, we had no problems printing clear line drawings to pdf.

We have now moved to Rhino 6 and we are unable to print a clear pdf, we have tried printing to pdf (Adobe) and saving to ‘Rhino pdf’ it appears to have the same output with the lines looking bold with poor resolution

Does anyone have any suggestions?Rhino 5 pdf.pdf (623.4 KB) Rhino 6 pdf.pdf (315.3 KB)Test Rhino 6.3dm (3.6 MB)

Hello Will

Did you tried change lines print width.
If you can attach random your file with you have problems it would be easier to check it.


You have to setup R6 display mode you’re printing in exactly how it is in R5.
And I don’t recommend importing R5 display modes into R6, 'cause it doesn’t transfer properly.
Just manually match the settings including line widths etc.

thanks Dan, i’ve just uploaded the Rhino 6 file

Hi Asterisk, ok thats interesting, so are you saying not to import the viewport layout from Rhino 5 into Rhino 6. So should i design a new page layout for Rhino 6 and give that a go?

Hi Will
there is no file :wink:

Is this how you have it in R5 more or less?

If yes, these are the settings you need to change:

thanks for looking at those settings, i’ve changed the settings as you suggested and the pdf still came out the same as before

Hi Asterisk, when you down loaded the Rhino 6 file did you have any problems printing to pdf? i’ve attached the file that i printed to pdf with the adjusted settings Test Rhino 6 rev3.pdf (287.8 KB)

Test Rhino 6.3dm (3.6 MB)

Oi, I am getting a serious offset of annotations and objects printing this file from the layout. (Rhino pdf)

From CutePDF I think it’s ok (?) with line widths set to 1 in the display modes
Test Rhino 6_PG_Cute.pdf (152.3 KB)


The best i can do is print as Rhino pdf, but it still comes out with all the hidden lines really wide, rather than dashed, see attached Test Rhino 6 rev9.pdf (3.4 MB)

Hi Pascal, it does appear to work better with cute pdf, its a shame it does not appear to print as well as Rhino 5 did, do other people have this problem?

Hi Will - are you commenting on my pdf above or from one you’ve made? The lineweight part, I mean, your original problem - does that look OK? Do you see the dimension offset that I do from Rhino pdf?


If not, can you run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results?


I don’t have this offset issue - I’m using Bullzip.

Hidden lines do still come out too thick though. Also, @WillBo you don’t have hidden lines printed in your R5 pdf?..
1.pdf (343.7 KB)

This is R5:
It seems Pen is just printed differently now in R6.
R5.pdf (213.3 KB)

My solution would be to create a separate Print display mode and set it up exactly how you want it. We never use built in display modes, 'cause they change from version to version visually.

Thanks , it is strange in Rhino 5 the lines come out really sharp, Rhino 6 they Come out thick with the same line settings.

R6 display engine was rebuilt anew. So alot of visual things changed from 5 to 6.

I don’t have a problem with the dimensions being off set, is just printing sharp lines to pdf

Hello - can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results?


That’s interesting to know, I think that must be the issue, as I said we’ve been working on Rhino 5 for years with no problems even though the settings are the same on both