Rhino Pdf in Rhino 7 makes enormous files

Good day everybody,
I’ve just moved to Rhino 7 (great improvements !!!), and I’m having some problems printing with rhino pdf.
It’s a 64.000 KB file, with 24 layouts; I need a vector output @ 300 dpi.
After a lot of try and crashed due to lack of ram ( i have 15 giga), the print driver made me a 890Mb file…(LOL)…
I saved the file in rhino 6 and opened with it, as i’m still using the evaluation version… the pdf reduced to 62.000 KB

I’ve found this old topic :
Rhino PDF Print Driver in Rhino 6 - Rhino / Rhino for Windows - McNeel Forum

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance, wish you a lovely weekend!


Please try the latest service release candidate of Rhino 7.2. There was a bug where pictures were being drawn twice to pdfs that has been fixed. That alone should not make as big of a difference in size as you are reporting, but it will help us start to figure out what is happening.

Thanks for the ludicrously speedly reply,
I’ll give it a try…


Hello - another user mentioned this and it turned out he had some very dense hatches in the file - many many lines. Is that a possibility here?


Good point. We used to cap out the lines generated for a hatch to 160,000 so the rest of the hatch would not be drawn after that point. This would happen when someone had a very small scale on a hatch compared to the world size of geometry being used.

We removed this cap in V7, but are in the process of reinstating one since other issues like this have come about.

Hi Pascal,
I’ve had already checked that topic, but forgot to mention it, sorry.
No, this is not the case, i think… I have a lot of hatches, yes, but they arent too dense…
the fact is, anyway, that Rhino 6 is managing the printing of the same file in a different way…
…and NOPE, after i’ve installed Rhino 7.2, nothing changed, apart the fact that now the ram consuption is more faster but also more irregular.

We’ll probably need to see the file to figure anything out then. You can send it to us in private if you don’t want to make it available publicly on discourse.

Ok, going to send it to you in private as soon as I go back to office.
Thanks guys, wish you a good day


Good day everyone,
I took some time to make some test today, and yes, Pasqual was right, it was a hatch problem.
The file was coming from “another” cad program, and there where a couple of small hatches somewhere very dense… after a purge and a clean copy and past in another file, the problem disappeared…
Thanks anyway for you precious time

Have a good weekend


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It was me. I have feeling that even though the problem with slow response from acrobat was due to unintentional dense hatching the file size remained to still be suspisciously large.

Remain the fact that , saved in rhino 6 and printed from it, the pdf files are usually lighter. It also happen to me that in some rhino 6 files opened in rhino 7, some hatches like AR-CONC kind exlode… Going to make some more test this weekend.