PDFs massive file bloat

Hi, @stevebaer
I just tried to email a client a pdf and the file was 70 megs for a three page pdf.
There must be something wrong both with Beta 7 and rhino 6 as they are both generating huge files. I looked over older pdfs with 6 pages from august of last year and they were under 6 megs. I tried both vector and raster and get the same huge file bloat. Also one file that was six meg a week ago now bloats to 50 meg.

I’ll need a file to try and repeat what you are seeing

I suggest opening it in Illustrator to see what is outside the printable area.

Hi, @stevebaer,
Thanks for the quick reply. I can’t upload the file here as it’s nda, I can send it to you for your perusal what is your upload link?

You can email me (steve@mcneel.com)

Thanks for the hint but I no longer use illustrator. I did do a select all and zoom selected in Rhino’s paper space and nothing was detected outside of the printable area. I did open the pdf in Photoshop and it also showed nothing outside the printable area.

Thanks Steve

Opps sorry I can’t email this file it’s too large do you have a McNeel upload link?

Thanks lol

It happened to me that Rhino was attaching objects not visible in paper space. Reader didn’t see them either.

Thanks Piotr do you think I would see them in Photoshop ?

No way, Illustrator only.

Hi Steve,
One last minor glitch you might see in the uploaded file that I see in both V6 and V7 is that picture frames
change to a darker gamma when set to raster printing. In vector nothing changes.

Ok thanks

RH-64324 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7.8 Service Release Candidate