R7 Rhino PDF file size issue

Hi all,

I have noticed that my R7 Rhino PDFs size are larger comparing to similar drawings that I did back in R6. A random Arch D arctic details elevation sheet was only about 1.6M back in R6, now is easily 3.5M and above. I tried to lower the res from 600 to 150 but the file size increased instead. Are there any other setting options I can do to make the PDFs lighter in size? Anything in the Display Modes that I should try?


Hi Hogan, here Rhino works correctly (at 300dpi the pdf is 2.5MB and at 100dpi the size is 320KB)

300dpi.pdf (2.5 MB)
100dpi.pdf (317.0 KB)

Are you printing with “Rhino PDF” or “Microsoft print to PDF”?

Hi Lucio, I am printing in Rhino PDF Vector with Arctic details. Even if I reduce the dpi to 300 the file size is almost the same as 600 dpi. With a single detail that is taking up 80% of the Arch D paper space. The file went up to 8M. I wonder if there is anything hidden that is making the size increased. Thanks

So you are printing a Layout with some details, correct?
Can you upload an example with some objects so we can see how the pdf printer works?

Yes correct. Here are some test files. test pdf size.3dm (3.6 MB) test pdf size pdf arch d 100 dpi.pdf (2.4 MB) test pdf size pdf arch d 300 dpi.pdf (12.9 MB) test pdf size pdf arch d 600 dpi.pdf (4.3 MB)

Thanks, I see this here. I think the difference is, at least mostly, in resolution - we got a lot of flack for jaggy prints from V6 and I am pretty sure the developer boosted the fine-grainedness of the conversion


@pascal Is there a workaround to lower the file size in the meantime? Thanks

Hi Hogan -

I see that the 300 dpi version is a lot larger than the 600 dpi version in that example that you posted. I suppose that is unexpected and I put this on the list as RH-64176 for a developer to take a look.

Using a smaller paper size will result in a smaller file.

Thank @wim ! Sadly I can’t change the paper size due to the project. I now compressing every single PDF that I generate which is a pain in the ass. Hope this gets resolved sooner than later. Thanks!


Is it related to :


RH-64176 was fixed in 7.9…


I still consider, in vector mode, that a simple curve should not change the file size even if I use different dpi or canvas.
For what I experienced with the python api, the result is wrong.
If I open the pdf in an pdf editor, there is a large white background bitmap even if I have no bitmap and specified to the capture settings to ignore them.

capture.DrawBackground = False
capture.DrawBackgroundBitmap = False
capture.RasterMode = False

I use that api regularly and It started to have that big file size issue since february '22.
I had no feedback with my post tagged “scripting”.
So I try to find similar topics.

vector_600_dpi.pdf (2.0 MB)
vector_100_dpi.pdf (60.3 KB)
print_test.py (2.4 KB)