Rhino PDF format issue, now gradient issue in background

Hi all, Suddenly I am having issues with Rhino PDF.

The only change I made was I bumped out the size of the detail box and the border by 0.039". The print preview shows everything fitting nicely within the margins.

The actual PDF is attached. The box is off center and gets cut off. Whole thing appears to be shifted up and to left. Was not happening before I made my change, and when I go back to what I had before the change, the issues still occurs. Thanks
Plan 3.0 GA (1).pdf (2.4 MB)

Hi Clint,

You probably can’t post the full 3dm file here publicly but if you delete a bunch of geometry does this still occur? If so, can you post that 3dm or email the file along with a screenshot showing your full expanded print settings to tech@mcneel.com?

I found a pattern. When I went to CutePDF and went through the steps to create the PDF, it centers my layout. When I then go back and save the Rhino PDF it works correctly. There seems to be a link between the two??

I could try to reproduce it and document it here…

Another observation.
When I print a .jpg or a pdf, and set visibility to print the background, which is set to a gradient, I get this issue:

What is the issue in this picture?

I get the same issue with Grasshopper @ivelin.peychev @BrianJ the issue is the background and the fact that it is like there was two Gradients !!

I used the classic “Export Quick Image”

I was able to reproduce it
Ground plane on On inside Rhino and no objects inside Rhino
Open an empty GH definition
Put a geometry component, here a sphere
Put the display mode to Render
Use “Export Quick Image”
It shows that on screen

And copy that to clipboard, it gives that

The gradient should be a smooth transition from light to dark gray, top to bottom. The pattern is repeated. On some 11x17’s I have it gets repeated many times!

Do you have a ground plane on?

No, ground plane is NOT on.

I still have this problem with background gradient repeating.
Any body have ideas?

Is this issue being addressed in the WIP?

I have seen this before with some graphics cards and drivers and at some output resolutions, but I thought it had been fixed. It sounds like you may have found another set of variables that cause it. I think this may be the same issue as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-20508 too. Does changing the DPI to 72 change the result? If so, can you then raise the output size to account for the lower DPI? This is not an ideal solution but it would be good to know if it worked. I will add this post to the open issue as well.

Can you please email tech@mcneel.com with a sample 3dm file, the resulting PDF from Rhino PDF and the results of the SystemInfo command?

300 dpi

200 dpi


and 72 looks like 100 dpi.

All printed through Rhino as an image file formatted for letter size paper.


SystemInfo please

We don’t need SystemInfo. This is a known issue with the tiling that we need to do for generating high resolution output. The YT issue that Brian James linked above is the issue

@CCBB are you still able to repeat this issue? If so, can you send a small sample model that I can use to try and repeat it on my computer?