Letters in my print are pixelated. Any suggestions

Hi, the text in my prints look really pixelated when I do a pdf print or paper print. I’ve increased the dpi to 1200 and it doesn’t make a difference. The image on top is a screen capture straight from Rhino and the one below is the pdf. I’d like to have my prints with the same quality as what Rhino is displaying. Am I not using an option that will correct this issue. Please let me know.

Here’s a bigger sized image.

A few questions…
Is your model a long way from the 0,0 coordinate origin?
Assuming these images are text created in Rhino, what font are you using?
What graphics chip are you using?

Hi John,
That was from our titleblock in the layout view. It isn’t far from the origin. The font is Segoe UI Light. My graphics card is an Nvidia Quadro K4000.

Can you please send a file with just the title block that exhibits the print problem?
Send your printing specifics too and I’ll see what happens here with the two PDF authoring tools I have.

Thanks for the files.
I printed the layout at 1=1 to 24 x 36 page size, using both PDF995 and BullZIP PDF authoring tools. The PDFs are not pixelated like your example.

What PDF authoring tool are you using?

Hi Brock,
Thanks for looking into this. I am using PDF - XChange for AcroPlot Pro. Can this be an issue with the pdf exporter? How would this affect the paper prints? I have the same issue when I print them on paper as well. Let me know thanks.

Can you send a sample model with the layout page showing this problem? It looks like the printing system is trying to print the main portion of the page in raster instead of vector.

Hi Steve,
I’ve printed with both raster and vector options selected. I still get the pixelated text. I will email a saved pdf of the layout and email it to Rhino tech support with your name in the headline.

The PDF won’t really tell us anything because it is too late in the process. We would need to reproduce this with a 3dm file in order to figure out what is happening.

I’ve provided the .3dm file in the email as well

@steve, the 3dm file is on Apoio.