Rhino OSL shaders compatible?

Hey guys!
So Im doing arch viz with Rhino+Vray and I need to populate a highrise with interiors(For exterior rendering). I stumbled upon OSL Shaders:

Example video:

Does anyone know if it´s possible to use OSL shaders in Rhino7+Vray 6? Would be a huge deal.


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Anyone? :smiley:

I don’t think it is supported on rhino.

I think the only way to do it is using 3Ds Max and Vray 6 you can create vrscene proxy files with vrayOSLmtl and bring it to rhino

Maybe @Nikolay can help here

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Okey so that is interesting, It could work as .vrscene? Don’t have much experience with .vrscenes between different platforms. But it works bringing a vrayOSLmtl from 3ds max into Rhino? Have you tried anything like this before?

@Nikolay ? <3

If this intriguing enough. I may download a trial of 3Ds Max and test it out.

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If you are willing! I would appreciate that very much Tay!


we do support .osl files out of the box in Rhino (and SketchUp), however it is not available thru the UI. That is because it requires parsing, the specific syntax, and that is not implemented.
You can write a fake .vrmat with a TexOSL or MtlOSL plugin in it and open it in the Asset Editor. There are tons of specifics and limitations you can learn from here: OSL Support - V-Ray for 3ds Max - Chaos Help

I’m not sure if .vrscene will work - it might. I don’t have any .osl’s at hand, I can’t say. Specifying the input parameters is the trickiest part - it requires reading the .osl file and writing the data out to the .vrmat/.vrscene.
It is certainly a per-file problem to solve. If anyone can supply one texture from that package, I can check it out and build a .vrmat that can be edited in the AE

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Hello Nikolay,

Thanks for the response. I have an OSL file, though this website doesn´t allow .exr files to be uploaded, so here is a wetransfer link to the .exr file: Link removed (35mb).

Thanks for the help!

ok, so it is the .osl that composes the final from the atlas image.
I thought that shader code is embedded with the .exr, but it seems it is much simpler. Could you upload the .osl file ? you can PM me if you don’t want paid content exposed

I´ll PM the files!


just to inform the community.
Here with Rókur we continued working on the OSL files he has, and with a well-designed .vrmat file I was able to achieve what is possible in 3dsMax.

Mind that

  • the .osl file was made specifically for 3dsMax only.
  • the .osl file contains bugs, so I had to edit it manually to make it work in all cases
  • the .vrmat file is necessary because NeUI does not expose UI for the input parameters - PM decided we will add support in the near future, so it will work without the .vrmat
  • it requires the recently release 6.00.01, because of how we export certain OSL parameters

Here is a video of the result:


I would ask you guys @Nikolay and @Rókur, is it possible to share how you make OSL shader working in Rhino? Im not a programming guy and simply importing vrmat from 3dsMax not working for me.
Hope to hear from you
best regards

im super interested in this as its VERY powerful, here is an example of doing thickness analysis is microseconds versus minutes with very heavy meshes.