Importing 3ds Max files to Rhino with materials?

Is it possible to Export 3ds objects with their Vray textures to rhino?
I have already tried but I manage to export the object only without the materials.
I even used Obj,fbx,3ds,Dwg formats and neither one was able to export the textures.

I am using 3ds Max 2022, Rhino 6, Vray 4 for rhino

I can’t do it right away, but I believe if you export a obj file from 3dsmax along with a corresponding .mtl file, it will import the obj file into Rhino with the textures correctly mapped as well. I think you’d still have to set up other characteristics of the material in Vray for Rhino like Glossiness, bump, etc.

You can’t do it directly, on per-object/per-material basis. However you can export a .vrscene file from Max and import it as a V-Ray proxy in Rhino. You will get the all the geometry + materials and optionally lights as a single entity in Rhino.

Importing a .vrscene into native Rhino objects is currently under development

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