Rhino Options / Keyboard is reset at WIP update

FYI, customization of key mapping has been reset when opening a file after the update to 6.0.17129.11351, 2017-05-09.

Do I have to consider that resets (keyboard mapping, named positions …) are on purpose between WIP updates or should I report them as I did ?

In theory, your customizations are supposed to stay between updates - did you notice if anything else got reset to default?


Toolbars were also reset.
Maybe Named Views, I don’t have any more and I think I saved them (but not sure).
I have noticed that my Named Construction planes have been kept !

Oops, looks like maybe there was trouble writing stuff to the registry…

Both of those are stored in the file as document properties, they are not Rhino persistent options.


Hi Alan - [quote=“Alan, post:1, topic:44043”]
key mapping

By this do you mean the Aliases and Keyboard sections of Options is reset? That certainly should not happen if you are running Rhino as the same user as previously and using the same scheme - presumably both true… Just to safeguard until we figure out what went wrong, please use OptionsExport once you get things set up again.


Thanks for your answer. OptionsExport done. FYI, I did not encountered again the problem of resets during last WIP updates.