My WIP command prompt window always resets itself to the top

At first I thought it was because of my custom workspace. But, I just created a new scheme with which to start the WIP, that should load all the default settings, no customization at all. If I run the command prompt to the bottom, it resets itself to the top every time I restart the WIP.

Checkin’ it, thanks.
Hm - here it stays put.
I wonder if renaming this file:

with Rhino closed, then start Rhino and arrangeto taste, close and re-open Rhino… does it stick?


Yep, that seems to be the fix, thanks! I’ll try to remember that if and when it happens again…

But… what causes this, I can’t help but ask… it seems Rhino is not able to write that file correctly - if you still have the old one, can you send it to me?


(sent by pm)