Rhino NURBS to Geometry


We are working with clients who have a Rhino model. As we work in 3ds Max we don’t have any experience with Rhino - 3ds Max workflow. The client has a Rhino model which has been modeled using NURBS. We need to convert this to Geo and use in 3ds Max. We have tried various techniques but cannot get this right.

We are looking for a Rhino expert to help as our client has many projects in the future and we are probably going to purchase a Rhino license if we can get this working.

We are looking for someone to show us where we are going wrong via Skype if possible. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Hi Graeme - exporting the model to 3ds, or fbx format should get you started - the trick will be controlling the conversion to meshes on export - it can be easier to asses the meshing if you do that first via the Mesh command (more details here- https://wiki.mcneel.com/ko/rhino/meshfaq)
and then export the mesh.


As an additional alternative to Pascal’s approach (controlling the mesh inside Rhino) I’d give the following export formats out of Rhino a test go:


And import each into Max, hoping it likes one of them (for your purposes).

EDIT - oops, forgot Rhino does not export SAT. For that, load the .3dm into Fusion 360, and export the SAT.

Double edit - oops again, export ACIS out of Rhino for SAT…

Great, thanks for the advice, will try your suggestions