Rhino for 3ds max modeling

Hi, I use rhino to model 3d. I model scenes in which there are a lot of objects. after modeling the scene I export the file for 3ds max to get render. So I want to ask something about it.
When I create my models, what should I use “Mesh Object(box,clinder…)” or “Rhino Objects”?
which one tire 3ds max less?

Hello :slight_smile:
I would save as .obj

Actually, I model it with a layer, then I transfer it to autocad and throw it from there to the max.
The obj format erases layers.

Have you tried by naming your objetcs? (or group objects?)

Hi @emrahoksak
It doesn’t really matter if you model with NURBS (native Rhino objects) or meshes. What matters is how many polygons you end up with, as you export to Max. If you create your objects with Rhino’s mesh commands, you have total control of exactly how many poly’s are in each object - but you’ll be limited to the few geometries and Rhino’s somewhat limited set of mesh tools. If you model with NURBS - which is what Rhino was made for and is best at - there’s two ways of approaching how things get meshed… well, three, actually:
A) Export the whole lot in a mesh based format (eg. OBJ) and let Rhino use the same mesh settings for all NURBS based objects. You can use the simple settings slider or mock about with the advanced settings to reach a level of detail that suits your needs.
B) Use the mesh command to mesh each NURBS object (or groups of objects needing similar level of detail) individually, then select the resulting meshes and export that.
C) Use ExtractRenderMesh to quickly extract the current render mesh, select those meshes and export that.
Which is the better solution, really depends on your needs and the scene in question, but option B gives you the most controlled result.
There’s actually a fourth option, which is trying to export to Max via one of the NURBS based formats (STP or IGES), but unless Max has changed significantly, since the last time I tried this, it’s not worth the trouble.
HTH, Jakob

We import STP files into Max daily.

It’s the way to go, imo. Retains the most data (even some materials).

Thanks @eobet! It’s been some years since I’v been using Max, so good to hear, that STP is working as it should :+1: