Desktop version of iRhino

Is there a desktop version? It would be great to have an online version, just to share the model with a link and the client can view it on any device

The evaluation version of Rhino is what we provide as our free desktop version.

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But as a simple viewer with few buttons, since the client can be discouraged by seeing many buttons, or download all software just to view a model to rotate and read the layouts

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I understand the request for a simplified version to make it easier for the client. We do not have this which is why I’m recommending to use the evaluation version of Rhino.

My guess is no one would want to pay for a Windows or macOS viewer.

Since an evaluation license is free, and will work as a viewer without the ability to Save/Export after it expires, it’s hard to justify the development and support costs required for another free option.

Yes, I see your point that it would be useful for you with your clients, but how much would you be willing to pay for a viewer license, with fewer buttons, when the evaluation is already free?

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Hi @miguelayora3
What about rview? I don’t know if it’s being actively developed (@stevebaer ?), but it’s been very handy for me a couple of times :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

MacOS allows obj files and similar to be previewed with the OS own quickview, simple navigation like zoom, pan, rotate is also possible. from what i understand the same should be possible on a Windows operating device either. maybe it makes sense for unsophisticated impressions of your model.

rview is definitely an option and is an open source project. That said, the primary contributors being Morteza and me are working on other projects at the moment and are not adding anything to rview.

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I think the future is viewing and markup is browser based. If you consider Onshape, Fusion, 3DX products you can create a link to the file, email that to a customer and they click and view in a browser. Even desktop Solidworks enables this (albeit via E Drawings). But the gold standard right now is Shapr3D in my view, for value and quality web viewing options.
I am really impressed with the new iRhino and it is definitely a product we will use, but a better solution to client side viewing is the weblink to file. That needs to be a subscription model so perhaps iRhino offers a 2 tier subs.

Tier 1 viewing and sharing links.
Tier 2, above plus editing

Maybe have an add on subscription to desktop rhino to share a link to view file?