Rhino model to EnergyPlus

I have a Rhino model of a building. I am hoping to learn how to take that model into Grasshopper then into EnergyPlus.

I have Rhino and the Grasshopper plugin installed but I am a complete newbie. My first problem is that I couldn’t see how to start Grasshopper once I had Rhino opened with the building model loaded.

My second problem is the building is modeled with each floor as one large space. For the energy model, I need to create perimeter and interior zones. Do I do that in Rhino or Grasshopper?

I did some web searching but couldn’t find an applicable tutorial.

Thanks for any assistance!

You can split up the floors into zones in Rhino and then get these into grasshopper.
Are you using Ladybug - Honeybee for EnergyPlus analysis?

Thank you wim.

Yes, I will be using Ladybug - Honeybee for the EnergyPlus analysis. I am watching a Honeybee video tutorial series.

Is there a particular command in Rhino to facilitate dividing the floor into zones?

Not that I’m aware of, no.