Energy Plus Integration with Honeybee and Ladybug

Hi everyone

I am having difficulties integrating Energy Plus (and my.idf files) with the Honeybee and Ladybug plugins in Grasshopper/Rhinoceros. In order to do my thermal comfort and energy consumption simulations for my master’s I require this integration.

I’m a little confused when using Grasshopper and Rhinoceros after learning how to use Energy Plus with the SketchUp Pro plugin euclid. It’s been difficult as I’m not familiar with Grasshopper. Though I’ve seen a few YouTube videos, I still have a lot of questions about the process and the step by step, particularly because I have to model with really precise parameters.

Anyone else had similar experience, or do you know of any documents, videos, or step-by-step instructions that walk through the process? "t would be very helpful if someone knew of a process that resembled using sketchup.

Will appreciate any assistance!

Thank you!

Hi Gab -

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