Want help, please


I hope you are well!
I am a beginner with Rhino 6 and Grasshopper and need it for my bachelor thesis. It is quite an interesting topic: a daylight simulation in a 2 person office. A self-made facade is attached to the window from below.
Anyway, I need to simulate my model for this work.
First I drew the room with a large window and a transition. (At the transition my facade element is hung in the nachgang).

Second step:
The sensors should be placed 80cm above the floor. I managed to do this, but unfortunately it does not work. I have no idea what I can change and need your help.

Third step:
The weather data is needed from Cologne. Which again were embedded with a link. That also worked.

Fourth step:
The evaluation. I think there are some things not working correctly.

I would be very grateful if someone could look at my problem and maybe give some info/tips.
After 4 weeks and countless Youtube videos, I’m a bit lost.

Here is the file to understand my problem.


Hi Elaria - please visit https://discourse.ladybug.tools/ for questions related to the Ladybug Tools.