Rhino/grasshopper/rhino.inside + energy modelling

Not sure where to start. I’m a low carbon buildings creator, mainly from existing ones and there’s millions need work done, a viable energy model and survey being key 1st part. I was inspired by a rhino.inside presentation with BricsCAD last year and I have questions:
1 Is there anyone out there that knows whether if would be possible to go from LiDAR scan to drawing either on the actually surfaces or the ‘implied’ ones that apps like Polycam create for you from LiDAR scans.
2 I know this is possible in Sketchup through an app called DesignPH; would it be possible to give those objects attributes either by length, area or volume to populate a spreadsheet that could then one day work with API’s to go straight into an energy modeller but for now just produce a table?
3 if the answer is yes to those questions, could Grasshopper then be deployed to automate some of that process?