1 building analysis model for several plugins

Hey community,

I have started my thesis about coming up with a workflow that allows you to test different facade constructions, building heights, etc. with a life cycle analysis. The resulting model variants are supposed to be analyzable by 2 different analysis plug ins - Honeybee and Bombyx - to get results for operational energy (Honeybee) and embodied carbon (Bombyx). The idea is to get LCA feedback in the early design stage in a parametric environment when changes to the design are easily applied, while also cutting down on the time it takes to prepare analyses like this, by creating just 1 model that meets the requirements of 2 analysis tools, meaning 1 model can be analyzed by 2 different tools.
Now I am looking for some research to figure out the relevance in academia about this workflow

Does anyone know a similar approach, where 1 model was meant to be analyzed by several analysis tools which all required different inputs?

Does anyone know an approach that particularly does that for operational and embodied carbon?

This does not have to be limited to the Rhino/Grasshopper environment, although that would be a plus. I am just generally having trouble framing this workflow and the fact that I don’t necessarily care about the analysis outcome, but instead am focused on streamlining and improving the analysis process itself by coming up with guidelines on how to set up an analysis model that can be analyzed by a maximum of analysis tools.

Looking forward to your suggestions!
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